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Deus Vult - Newsletter was founded in 2007 to promote and raise awareness of the various organisations and websites that exist to serve former infantry Junior Soldiers. Deus Vult (God Wills It) were the words seen on the cap badge worn by young men at all of the different units training Junior Soldiers for the Infantry.

Our contact lists are made up of former members of the Infantry Junior Leaders Battalion, the Junior Infantryman's Wing, the Junior Infantryman's Battalion and the Infantry Boys Battalion. In all these guises, in some cases from as young as 14 years, we were trained at Shorncliffe, Oswestry, Plymouth and Tuxford to become the future Warrant Officers and Non Commissioned Officers of the British Army. Our knowledge today tells us that many went on to become Commissioned Officers gaining the rank of Major, Colonel and indeed one of our number achieved the rank of General.

What do we offer? As well as helping to promote all the web sites that exist at present and any future web sites that may appear, we present news and details of what's up and coming in the form of an on-line newsletter and e-mail updates.

How can I join? If you are one of the estimated 20,000 boy soldiers who wore the Deus Vult badge or served as a member of the training staff and you want to keep in touch, simply fill in the form here>> and from time to time, we'll be in touch.

IJLB on Facebook - Join other former Junior Leaders for a chat on line and find out where old friends are and what they're doing today.

Events, News & What's New - All brought together in the form of a newsletter. Contact: ijlbmembers@hotmail.co.uk

Then & Now - Pictures from the past and present submitted by former IBB-IJLB soldiers. Email yours to: doug@centralcoastsports.com.au

Tales from IJLB. A trip down memory lane. Copies of the IJLB Annual Review magazines and photographs sent in by former junior soldiers for the enjoyment of all.


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